Frequently Asked Questions

SuperLoveHotel, what is it?

A SuperLoveHotel is a hotel with rooms available by the hour specially designed to help you enjoy your time with your partner to the fullest. Privacy, style, elegance, mystery and total discretion for your romantic getaways. King size beds, Spa bathtub and double bathtubs. In short, a whole world of possibilities for Love Adventures – couples only.

· H Regàs
· La Paloma
· La França
· Punt14

Total discretion, how do we do it?

Every last detail is carefully considered in order to make sure our clients and their vehicles are completely anonymous during their time at our Love Hotels. Guests arrive at the hotel through a private tunnel that leads to a private car park (*) with cars tucked away from any prying eyes. From there, each guest is escorted to their room by a member of our staff. Our greatest concern is ensuring guests don’t run into each other while at our facilities, ensuring maximum privacy and giving their stay an added touch of sensuality and mystery.

* free for our clients for cars and motorcycles. Vehicles with special measures please contact us to confirm measures and conditions

Non-stop stay, what’s that?

We call this type of by-the-hour room booking “non-stop stay”. There’s only one condition: you can’t leave the room during your stay. Once you leave your room it will be made available to our other guests again. Taking advantage of this rate, only the food and beverages sold in the establishment can be consumed at the hotel.

Full night or non-stop stay, what’s the difference?

Non-stop stay is a special deal at the SuperLoveHotels that means once you leave the room it is made available to our other guests. A full-night stay is like at any other hotel, with 12 pm checkout and no restrictions on leaving and returning to the room (although guests must be escorted by a staff member at all times).

3 or 6 hours' stay, how does that work?

Every day of the week (except Friday nights, Saturdays and eves), 24 hours a day, we offer our guests the option of booking a room for a 3 or 6 hours’ stay, upon availability.

Cancelling a booking, is there a penalty fee?

The reservation can be cancelled free of charge until 24 hours before the entry time. After that moment, the full amount of the reservation will be charged as penalty

Bookings, how can I make one?

You can make the reservation directly on our website. You can also do it by sending us an email or calling us; in this case the booking confirmation is sent to the email address provided by the client.

I haven’t booked a room; can I still go to a SuperLoveHotel?

Of course, we love improvised love. Come by our hotel by the hour and if we have a room available you can book it right then.

When I make the booking, will my card be charged?

When booking, the total amount of the reservation is charged. Remember that you can cancel for free up to 24 hours before arrival. After this moment, you will not be entitled to a refund. Also take into account that, in case of no show, the reservation will be cancelled 30 minutes after the agreed-upon arrival time at the hotel, and the room will be freed up for new clients.

Couples only, why?

SuperLoveHotels creates and designs all of its rooms with love in mind: large beds, Spa bathtub, baths and tubs for couples. A SuperLoveHotel is for adults only and offers a new concept that is sophisticated and elegant, perfect for enjoying your love with a partner.

And if I’m coming by car, where can I park?

All of our Love Hotels have a private car park with security guard in the same building for our clients with free valet service (Free parking for cars and motorcycles. Vehicles with special measures please contact us to confirm measures and conditions). Our discretion protocol kicks in the moment a vehicle enters the car park.

We’re three or more people, can we book a room?

No. All our rooms and services are designed for couples only.

Room service, what can I find?

24-hour room service, every day of the year, with every detail covered. Bar and snack service at truly competitive prices. Soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, sandwiches and packaged snacks to avoid handling and ensure quality.

Erotic toys, can I get any at the Love Hotel?

SuperLoveHotels selects kits with erotic toys, accessories and other items just for couples.

And if I just want to sleep, can I?

Of course. Each couple decides what they want to do with their room and our beds are extremely comfortable.

The bathtubs in the rooms, why are they so big?

Our bathtubs are specially designed for couples with loads of love.

Kits or accessories for the room, can they be ordered?

We have a select list of toys and accessories, including the Kit Bijoux Indiscrets, created for the fun and enjoyment of the couples that visit us. Add bottles of champagne and other little details to your romantic getaway to make it even more special.

I would like a special celebration; can anything be added to the room?

Contact the hotel and tell us your idea. We’ll surely be able to help you (within reason). The possibilities are endless: a message written with paper hearts, a bed surrounded by electric candles. Turn on your imagination!

SuperLoveHotels clients, who are they?

Our Love Hotels by the hour are the perfect place for any couple to satisfy their desires and live out their fantasies renting a room or flat by the hour in an intimate, discreet setting.

SuperLoveHotels, are there other hotels by the hour like it?

In Barcelona there are 4 SuperLoveHotels, all enveloped in style, elegance and discretion, but each with its own style and personality. You can also visit:

H La Paloma
H Regàs
Motel Punt Catorze

Discretion protocol, what’s that?

Couples are our top priority at SuperLoveHotels. Our discretion protocol is one of the hallmarks of our quality service. That’s why our clients choose our establishments. At our establishment, all guests must follow these rules to ensure the privacy of all the other couples.

What about the hotel hours?

Our hotel never closes its doors to love. La França is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Waiting for my partner at the hotel, is it possible?

Of course. Get to the hotel before your partner and set the stage for your romantic encounter, play with the lighting, put on the right music or whatever you want to let your imagination fly free.

I still have doubts, what should I do?

Write us an email ( or call us on +34 934 231 417 and we’ll be happy to resolve all of your doubts