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Mesdames et Messieurs, Welcome to La França, a hotel that is
an icon in Barcelona.The emotions, the adrenaline, the goose bumps, the intensity that you will find in this Love Hotel for couples, iconic in Barcelona, can only be felt here. And here it stays, between these four walls that have been keeping secrets for almost a century.

Welcome to sensuality in its purest form.

Standard Rooms


Suites with Hydromassage

In the media…

A charming hotel by hours whose facilities are a true invitation to love.

If one day you dare to try La França with your partner (…) you may even think about changing the decoration at home.

Dating hotels are evolving thanks to benchmark examples such as La França that set trends and show that dating does not have to lose style, glamor, and careful aesthetics.

Without a doubt, one of the best hotels for couples that you will find in Spain.

La França is the most elegant hotel for couples.